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Welcome to 
JCER Design Consultants

JCER is a professionally licensed company which is accomplished in handling projects of all sizes. We pride ourselves in our diverse, talented, and experienced team. The art of design and construction are the building blocks JCER uses to tackle some of the most extreme challenges. Thus, our ability to think "outside the" box allows us to constantly evolve and develop superior solutions. We are always seeking to innovate in order to ensure efficiency, functionality and effectiveness for our clients. Therefore, our growth is constant, due to our insight, and our ability to adapt in an ever-changing landscape.  We focus on Architecture and Interior Design for Hospitality and Hotels from ground up construction to renovations and PIPs.


We possess the unique ability to understand the dynamic sequences of a hotel construction project. We are proud second generation hoteliers that have grown up within the industry and understand the innate problems that arise from a hotel renovation or new build project. Identifying franchise requirements and approval process to operational programing and occupancy logistics further enables us to schedule appropriately and remain budget friendly. This experience distinguishes our notable attributes and embellishes our contribution to the ownership’s benefit.


Our full service approach to this diverse and dynamic type of development is perfectly geared towards our company philosophy. We understand the delicate balance between different programmatic elements, and pride ourselves in our ability to synthesize complexities and bring pieces together into a cohesive whole.


Our experience in design and construction enables us to provide a full-service approach to projects of all scales, from renovations of limited scope to ground-up developments. We provide a balance of maximum functionality with highly crafted design, and combine it with exceptional project management in order to provide the client with a beautiful, efficient, sustainable and financially viable product.


We provide a personal touch and bring a boutique approach to your vision in order to create the home of your dreams. Our full-service design and construction team will help guide you on this personal journey to elaborate and realize your ideal nesting spot. Our experience enables us to connect your needs and desires in a matrimony of whimsical dialogue. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating breathtaking environments and living spaces for you and your loved ones.

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