Medical Office Building - Orlando, FL

Exterior renderings of a proposed one story medical office building located in Orlando, FL. This proposed project is slated to contain 5 offices and has a sleek modern look that can be customized for the individual needs of any medical company or professional. #medicaloffice #jcer #jcerdesign #jcerllc #architecture

Take a gander at our new marketing material!

Take a gander at our new marketing material and let us know what you think! Even though the world has changed we wanted to convey some of the work that we have completed and are currently working on. We are still here and we continue to maintain our core values and creativity while ensuring that all of our projects come fruition. #Architecture #HospitalityDesign #Hotels #JCER #Design #neilragbir

The New Norm.

With the inception of Covid-19 and it’s dissemination throughout the world, we now have what we call “The New Norm”. Our world has changed and we must adapt in order to survive and thrive. Thanks to for making these come to life for us! #jcerdesign #architecture #neilragbir