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Minds Behind Designs

JCER is a professionally licensed company which is accomplished in handling projects of all sizes. We pride ourselves in our diverse, talented, and experienced team. The art of design and construction are the building blocks JCER uses to tackle some of the most extreme challenges. Thus, our ability to think "outside the" box allows us to constantly evolve and develop superior solutions. We are always seeking to innovate in order to ensure efficiency, functionality and effectiveness for our clients. Therefore, our growth is constant, due to our insight, and our ability to adapt in an ever-changing landscape.

Meet The Team
Meet The Team

Our staff is deep rooted in the culture of discipline and diligence. We come from a pedigree of focus driven team members that collaborate and accentuate the attributes of one another. In this action, JCER differentiates itself from the rest of our peers in the domain of design and customer experience.

Jung’s uncanny ability to bring art to life is unsurpassed.

Step into the mind of a creator.

Jung Hoon Paek

The ONE who keeps the wheels spinning.

No challenge too hard, no operation un-directable.

Evan Ramlochan
What We Do

Defining the art of form vs function at its finest detail, we strive to maintain the demanding and complex nature of achieving elegance in simplicity with Architecture and Interior Design. Our design team is relentless in the pursuit of creating a harmonious balance between symmetry, space, composition, and context.  We believe in honoring the timeless integrity of the past while progressing innovations into the future.

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